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reminder: meeting today, 4pm, SRI EK255

Just a reminder: we're meeting today at 4pm, SRI EK255.  Try to be in the
lobby at five to 4pm, so that we can all go up together -- it's a small
group.    (01)

On the agenda:    (02)

    - Project updates.    (03)

    - I'm going to talk about the mailing list, the PurpleWiki, and the
      weekly summaries.    (04)

    - I'll introduce an experiment we're going to try in a few weeks.    (05)

    - Howard will present his ontologies.    (06)

As you can see, the agenda is short.  I don't mind a short meeting, but we
do have the room until 6pm, so if there are other things you want to
discuss, let me know.  Otherwise, we'll finish early.    (07)

-Eugene    (08)

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