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Re: Get MajorDomo to remove duplicates?

On Wed, 1 Aug 2001, Eugene Eric Kim wrote:    (01)

> Finally, as Eric mentioned, newer versions of Majordomo may support the
> kind of facility that Eric alluded to.  If it doesn't, then implementing
> that facility will definitely be added to our list of features we need to
> implement in order to improve our own collaboration.    (02)

The GreatCircle web site's been down the past few days, so it took me a
while to get this info.  Here's the scoop:    (03)

* The good news is that Majordomo 2 supports the filtering feature that
  Eric and I discussed.  It can be configured so that mail won't be sent
  to users on the To: or Cc: headers if they are subscribed to the list.
  So this will resolve Eric's biggest complaint with the list.    (04)

* The bad news is that Majordomo 2 is in alpha right now.  I'm sure it's
  usable, however, and I believe SRI is still using it to serve RISKS.
  When I chatted with David Stringer-Calvert about it briefly a few months
  ago, he said there were definitely some hair-raisers.  But, it does seem
  to work.    (05)

(More info at:    (06)

    http://www.hpc.uh.edu/majordomo/#mj2    (07)

If they were using purple numbers, I could link directly to the relevant
statements. :-)    (08)

Here's my thinking.  If people on the list aren't opposed to using alpha
software (as I suspect *grin*), then I'll try and get it up and working on
BI's new machine.  Once that machine replaces the current one, this issue
should be resolved.    (09)

-Eugene    (010)

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