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   Colloquium at Stanford
An In-Depth Look at "The Unfinished Revolution"
June 24, 2003
Program of sessions, guest speakers, and topics
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Note: Basic program format for each session included Doug Engelbart lecture with Q&A, interspersed with guest lectures illustrating the points from their respective domains of expertise. Lecture titles link to the complete transcripts including any slides used by the speaker. The main title for each session links to Engelbart's presentations. You can watch the corresponding video of these sessions at Stanford's Engelbart Colloquium page,where you can also access the powerpoint slides

January 6, 2000
Session 1. The next frontier - How big is big?     [video]  2

January 13, 2000
Session 2. Augmenting organizational capabilities     [video]  3 January 20, 2000
Session 3. Leveraging our collective intelligence     [video]  4 January 27, 2000
Session 4. Enabling technology - Missing pieces     [video]  5 February 3, 2000
Session 5. Bootstrapping continuous improvement     [video]  6 February 10, 2000
Session 6. Networked improvement communities     [video]  7 February 17, 2000
Session 7: Scalable improvement infrastructures     [video]  8 February 24, 2000
Session 8. Pilot outposts on the frontier     [video]  9 March 2, 2000
Session 9. Bootstrapping in your organization and community     [video]  10 March 9, 2000
Session 10. Tying it all together - Next steps     [video]  11
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