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Demos captured over the years of the technological breakthroughs pioneered by Doug Engelbart and his research staff.


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(1964-1978) NLS was the system Doug and his team presented in their 1968 Demo. Here you see Doug and his team in a seminal moment in history. For background, see About NLS/Augment.

1968 Doug & Team - "Mother of All Demos" (100 minutes)
Doug's 1968 debut of NLS (Augment's precursor) and his guiding principles, he gave this spectacular demo at the Fall Joint Computer Conference in San Francisco, while video teleconferenced with his team back home at his SRI lab in Menlo Park, CA. The technical title of this presentation is A Research Center for Augmenting the Human Intellect. Visit our Doug's 1968 Demo portal page at for more options and links, including an interactive chapterized version, an abridged version, plus more background, links, resources, press, and reflections on the demo from Doug and his team. Click here to experience the 1968 demo interactively.

1969 Doug & Team - "Augmentation Systems & Information Science" (100 minutes)
One year after the 1968 Demo, Doug and his team gave a repeat performance at the 32nd Annual Meeting of the American Society for Information Science (ASIS), October 1, 1969, San Francisco, CA. Visit our Doug's 1969 Demo Sequel portal page for more viewing options, including an interactive chapterized version, plus story, links, and press. Click here to experience the 1969 demo interactively.

NLS demos by others: 1d

1974 Kirk - Whole Universe Catalog (31 minutes)
Kirk Kelley, former developer in Doug's SRI lab, demonstrates his own project adapting NLS for browsing a universe of knowledge, inspired in part by NLS information access and Stewart Brand's Whole Earth Catalog. This demo is curated at the Stanford University Library Special Collections MouseSite archives.

Augment 2

   Screenshot from 1968 Demo
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(1978-1996) Augment was a commercialized version of NLS evolved by the team when it transferred from SRI to Tymshare, Inc. Augment served hundreds of customer organizations, and its development continued through 1984, when it transferred to the aerospace company McDonnell Douglas Corporation. Doug left MDC in 1988 to found the Bootstrap Institute with Christina (now the Doug Engelbart Institute), with rights to continue evolving Augment as a research prototype. In the mid-1990s Doug and Christina were awarded a DARPA contract to create a modern windows GUI client for Augment called Visual AugTerm. For background, see About NLS/Augment.

1987 Doug - Doug Engelbart demonstrates Augment during his lecture at the 1987 Computer Systems Colloquium at Stanford University. Watch the demo portion of his lecture (link FFs to 29:10). See also Doug's slidedeck for the lecture portion of the video. Note the monitor is facing up toward the ceiling to accommodate the overhead camera - check it out.

1992 Doug - Doug Engelbart demonstrates Augment throughout his three-day management seminar March 24-26, 1992, including using Augment to display seminar materials such as schedules, attendee rosters, and key points. He kicks off the seminar in Session 1 in Augment reviewing the 3-Day Seminar Schedule, the Day 1 Schedule, the Binder TOC, Six Hypotheses of the course, and Attendees Roster. He switches to overheads for a brief Conceptual Overview of the course, and ends with onscreen review of the Basic Hypotheses. In Sesssion 2 he demonstrates how kids learn the 5-key keyset. Later he demos key concepts of the user interface with mouse and keyset. In Sesssion 7 @10:05 he gives a more extensive demo of key concepts presented in Section F. In Sesssion 8 @4:16 he demonstrates a case examples of fast, flexible browsing within a knowledge repository, and @1:27:08 shows what's up next in the Seminar. In Session 11 @5:02 he gives a heads up on the final group exercise, and @20:51 he revisits the work breakout assignment in detail.
  See the 1992 Bootstrap Seminar resources page for program, course binder, video and more.

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2008 Christina - This suite of screencasts by Christina Engelbart provides a basic orientation to some key elements of Augment, starting with the simplest point and click user interface of the beginner level Augment Browser, and advancing to progressively higher levels of capability, speed, precision, and proficiency at the "turbo" level. Note this demo is just a (admittedly long-winded!) first-pass prototype to see how screencasting works, the intention is to develop professional quality screencasts of all the software. You might want to increase the playback speed (click below to start play, in the playback window click on the Settings gear icon and select the playback speed). Also note, these demos show just the tip of the iceberg of the depth and richness of the features and underlying architecture and vision of the system. Watch the demo:

Augment demos by others: 2e

1990 Jim - Augment Handbook Demo (25 minutes)
Jim Norton, former member of Doug's SRI lab who later ran the ARC group at Tymshare, demonstrates the concept of a "project handbook" -- the browseable encapsulation of a project team's dynamically evolving knowledgebase. Jim shows how Augment-like funcitonality benefits a project team's ability to capture and leverage its evolving knowledge.

2006 Brad - Augment Technical Highlights (15 minute Screencast)
By Brad Neuberg, lead developer on the HyperScope dev team using the old-style AugTerm client. See also Brad's writeup: The System Behind Engelbart's Historic Mother of All Demos\.

HyperScope 3

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Watch Christina's demo of HyperScope 2.0

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HyperScope is an all-new working prototype of basic features called for in the Open Hyperdocument System Technology Template issued by Doug Engelbart. For background, see About OHS. The current prototype is HyperScope 2.0, replacing the earlier demonstration prototype HyperScope 1.0 developed in 2006 at the Institute under a small NSF grant.

2022 Christina - Quick Tour of HyperScope 2.0 (9 minute Screencast).
By Christina Engelbart, collaborator on the HyperScope Initiative. Demonstrating the basics, with discussion and demo of various User Interface ideas tried in the past. More Info: About HyperScope 2.0 - a demonstration prototype of 'OHS' basics.

2013 Brad - Quick Tour of HyperScope 1.0 (9 minute Screencast).
By Brad Neuberg, lead developer on the HyperScope dev team. More Info: see About HyperScope 1.0. In this demo he is using the Turbo User UI via Firefox 2.0 browsing HyperScope enabled files (i.e. files tagged with HyperScope attributes). BONUS: Introductions. See also Brad's writeup: The System Behind Engelbart's Historic Mother of All Demos.

2006 Eugene - HyperScope v1.0 Launch Event (Parts 1-4).
By Eugene Kim, hyperscope project leader, presents an overview of the HyperScope project using HyperScope at the HyperScope Release Event September 5, 2006. CONTENTS: Doug's welcoming remarks | Eugene's intro | Project in a nutshell | DEMO SNIPPETS: basic features | more features | zoom buttons