Celebrating the 30th anniversary of Doug's 1968 Demo

Doug is celebrated on 30th anniversary of his 1968 demo [photo courtesy Stanford University]


December 9, 1998
"Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution"
was the name given this day-long, public symposium celebrating the 30th anniversary of Doug Engelbart's now famous 1968 demo where he and his team at SRI first introduced their seminal work to the world. Produced by Stanford University Libraries and the Institute for the Future, this event brought together Engelbart and members of his historic team, along with other computer visionaries, to consider the impact of Engelbart's work on the last three decades of the computer revolution, to explore the greater potential of his seminal vision that has to be played out (hence the title), and to speculate about the next three decades.

While many were dazzled by the array of tools presented in his historic 1968 demo, many missed Engelbart's core message about the paramount importance of raising our collective intellect exponentially to better tackle important and pressing challenges in the world, using a strategic bootstrapping approach to accelerate innovation while maximizing results. Note that Engelbart embedded his bootstrapping approach in the inner workings of his own lab which resulted in unprecedented innovation and sparked a revolution. See below to watch Doug discussing his Unfinished Revolution with Jeff Rulifson at the event.

Experience the Event 2

See the original event website and press, check out the speeches and panel discussions, visit our 1968 demo site or see highlights from the original 1968 demo.

See especially the two panel discussions on the program with Doug and his original research team:

Photo of panel discussion at the event Watch the panel discussion with (left to right) moderator Paul Saffo, original research team members Doug Engelbart, Charles Irby, and Jeff Rulifson, and guest Stewart Brand [photo courtesy Stanford University]
(Session I at 19:00:00)

Watch Doug Engelbart and Jeff Rulifson discussing the Unfinished Revolution moving forward.   Follow along with Doug's slides, and/or full transcript of this session, with visuals. CONTENTS: Intro (@10:40) | Collective IQ | Augmentation | Co-Evolution Frontier | Exploratory Communities (NICs) | Experimental Teams | Frontier Outposts | Jeff on Importance of Pilots | Examples: High-Performance Support Teams | Current Status | Call to Action | Built-In Scaling Effect | Proven Approach? | Q&A | BONUS: Introducing Doug | Introducing Jeff and the Bootstrap Alliance

(Session 3A)

Program Sessions 3

Watch speeches and panel discussions from "Engelbart's Unfinished Revolution" with MC Paul Saffo:

Session 1: 9:00-10:40 Morning       watch Session 1
9:00 Greeting and Introductions: Condoleezza Rice, Michael A. Keller, Paul Saffo (Moderator)
9:15 Panel Discussion on the 1968 Demo: Engelbart, Brand, English, Irby, Rulifson
10:15 Guest Speaker: Tim Lenoir

Session 2: 11:00-12:40 Morning     watch Session 2
11:00 Announcements: Paul Saffo, Moderator
Panel Discussion on the Last 30 Years: Andreessen, Caruso, Nielson, Rheingold, Zappacosta
11:40 Guest Speaker: Alan Kay
12:10 Panel Discussion on New Horizons: Card, Drexler, Evans, Horn, Markoff

Session 3: 2:00-3:30 Afternoon       watch Session 3
2:00 Video: 1968 Archive Footage
Unfinished Revolution: Engelbart, Rulifson
[  Discussion | Slides ]
2:30 Guest Speaker: Ted Nelson
3:00 Guest Speaker: Andy van Dam

Session 4: 3:50-5:30 Afternoon      watch Session 4
3:50 Guest Speaker: Terry Winograd
4:20 Guest Speaker: Stewart Brand
4:50 Guest Speaker: Jaron Lanier
5:20 Closing Remarks
5:30 Adjourn

Press 4

Announcing the event:
Press Release - Stanford University
Announcement - Stanford MouseSite

The Mouse Turns 30
CBS News with Dan Rather. December 10, 1998.

Logitech Celebrates 30th Anniversary of the Mouse,
Salutes Doug Engelbart's "Unfinished Revolution"

Business Wire. December 7, 1998.

Upgrading the Human OS
Steve Silberman, Wired News. December 10, 1998. [News Archive]

Event Series
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Photos 5

[all photos courtesy Stanford University]

Paul Saffo, Moderator and mastermind of this magical event