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To celebrate Doug Engelbart's 85th birthday on January 30, 2010, we cooked up the Doug Engelbart Birthday Greetings site at http://engelbart85.wordpress.com as a joint collaboration with our friends and colleagues at the New Media Consortium. Well wishers were invited to send an email to the site, which was posted as a blog entry automatically, complete with any attached photos, video, etc.

photo Steve Wozniak with Doug at his 85th
Steve Wozniak with Doug at his 85th birthday party
[photo by Patrick Tehan/Mercury News]

We were all incredibly thrilled and touched by the response! Heartfelt greetings from long-time friends and colleagues, grandchildren, top executives, and admirers, from Switzerland, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands...

Note: if you missed the boat and wish now to post your well wishes, visit the ongoing tribute2doug.org.

A birthday party for Doug was held at The Tech on January 30th – you can read all about it in this San Jose Mercury News article.

See also Gardner Campbell's very special birthday tribute blogpost, a heartfelt gift to Doug.

And photos from the event: Eugene Chan's Album and more in the above Mercury news article.

Following is a table of contents view of birthday tributes -- please let us know if we missed yours, check the Unsigned posts and let us know if one of those is yours:

Opening Welcome
Inviting your Birthday Greeting
(post on/before Feb 1, 2010)

Old Friends and Colleagues
Sue Crane  Looking Back
Dan Crane Happy Birthday Doug
Jack Goldberg Birthday Greeting
Shula Goldberg Birthday Greeting
Andy van Dam Happy 85th!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Howard Rheingold THANK YOU, DOUG!

Curt Carlson, SRI President & CEO The best
Guerrino De Luca, Logitech Chairman Here's to a great inspirer!
Daniel Borel, Logitech Co-Founder From Switzerland!
Hirohide Yamada Happy birthday (JAPAN)

Doug's wife Karen Happy to sing his praises
Re: Doug's Mother Gladys (1898-1989)
    Happy Birthday
Re: Doug's first wife, mother of his kids Ballard
    (1928-1997) Happy Birthday Memories
Daughter #1 Gerda Three Generations of Engelbarts
Daughter #2 Diana Growing up with you
Daughter #3 Christina Happy Birthday Dad!
Grandkid #2 Ben happy birthday Papa!
Grandkid #3 Damion happy birthday grandpa
Girlfriend of grandkid #3 Birthday Post
Grandkid #5 Kyle Happy Birthday
Grandkid #7 Flora happy birthday grandpa
Grandkid #8 Emily  Happy Birthday
Cousin Patricia Burbank Happy Birthday Doug
Cousin Adriana Engelbart Happy BD!!! (BRAZIL)
Karen's brother Kevin Happy 85th, Doug!

More Colleagues and Admirers
Alan Levine, NMC Augmenting an 85th Birthday
Gardner Campbell Your birthday is a present to all of us!
Henry Lowood Your birthday!
BG Wennersten Happy Birthday Doug! (SWEDEN)
William Smith Happy Birthday
Brad Neuberg Happy Birthday!
Marty Mallonee Ritchey Mouse Cake!
Alice Resnick Happy Birthday
Nancy Morrison Happy Birthday Doug
Yves Karcher Congratulations....
Valerie Landau Happy 85th Birthday
Bill Fenwick Happy Birthday Doug
Eileen Clegg Happy Birthday Doug
Frode Hegland  Happy Birthday Doug
Jan Freijser Happy Birthday from the Netherlands!!!
Lee Thompson Happy 85th!
Sandra Prow Happy Birthday (ENGLAND)
Matthias Müller-Prove Happy 85th Birthday! You've Changed the World. (GERMANY)
Chip German Birthday wishes
Grey David Happy 85th!
Sven & The ForeSight Group Thanks for bootstrapping our thinking! (SWEDEN)
Karl Hebenstreit The Man Who Leaped the Information Age
Greg Lloyd Happy Birthday Doug!
Phillip Long Happy Birthday Doug!
Simone From Brazil (BRAZIL)
Colleen Carmean Happy Day and Thank you.
Unsigned birthday greetings
Unsigned Thank you, Doug
Unsigned Happy Birthday
Unsigned Happy Birthday, Doug!
Unsigned Happy 85'th birthday Doug!

(email us with names of Unsigned
webmaster at dougengelbart.org)

photo of Doug

Selected Quotes

"You have changed my life, Doug. [...] I still can't put into words how much your life and work continue to mean to me, but I won't stop trying." (read more)
– Gardner Campbell, Baylor University

"Dear Doug,
You are the best. You positively changed the way the world works, thinks, and improves. Few achievements have been more significant. As important is the way you developed your innovations. [...] Over time the world will learn more about your ideas and, again, increasingly change the way it works, thinks, and improves."
(read more)
– Curt Carlson, President & CEO, SRI International

"Doug, on your 85th
birthday, I wanted to let you know how fondly I recall our many conversations in my Logitech office. No matter how far the topic seemed from my day-to-day duties and preoccupations, every time, and I mean every time, I found nuggets in what you said that were relevant, applicable, creative, and inspiring. Your legacy is everywhere at Logitech, and I am grateful to have had the opportunity to meet you." (read more)

– Guerrino De Luca, Chairman, Logitech International SA