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  Doug Engelbart 1992
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About the Seminar 1

A Comprehensive Strategy for Bootstrapping Organizations Into the 21st Century - Doug Engelbart's three-day management intensive presented March 24-26, 1992, at Stanford University, facilitated by Margaret Chambers. The program featured in-depth coverage of Doug's complete strategic framework, presented in twelve sessions (four sessions per day). Video production by the Stanford Instructional Television Network (SITN), now available on our YouTube Channel and permanently archived in the Douglas Engelbart Collection at the Internet Archive.

Throughout the 1990s, the Bootstrap Institute[*] produced a number of three-day, one-day, and half-day management seminars at Stanford University, SRI International, Logitech HQ, also in Washington, DC, and Tokyo, Japan. The format and materials for this three-day seminar were originally conceived and developed in 1990 by Doug Engelbart and Christina Engelbart with grants from the Mitchell Kapor Family Foundation, Sun Microsystems, and Apple Computer.

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Refer to the Seminar Binder below for a Table of Contents with links to the slide handouts, corresponding footage, and recommended reading. Click on a Session's "watch icon" below to watch straight through, or click on topics within any session to watch selectively. You can also watch all twelve sessions as a playlist on YouTube.

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About Augment

Seminar Binder 3

Each participant was given a Seminar Binder complete with slide handouts and selected readings. To view any section of the binder, click the corresponding colored tab below. Or browse the complete Binder contents (PDF).

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Overview Intro / Summary  A  Intro | Review
Stretching Our Perceptions of Change Paradigms  B  B1 | B2
Co-Evolution of Human & Tool Systems Augmentation  C  C3
A-B-C's of Continuous Organizational Improvement ABC Model  D  D1 | D2
Knowledge Work as a Basic Strategic Capability CODIAK  E  E1 | E2
A Tool System for CODIAK Support Hyperdoc System  F  F1 | F2
Demo: 1 | 2
For Integrated, Seamless, Evolvable Info Systems OHS Architecture  G  G1
Human System Issues & Exploratory Pilots Human Sys & Pilots  H  H1 | H2
A High-leverage Strategy for Org Improvement Bootstrapping  I  I1
Joining Forces to launch Bootstrapping C Community  J  J1 | J2 | J3
  A Story of Bootstrapping Case History  K  Guided Tour
  Prototype Launch Plan  L  Guided Tour
  Bibliography  M 

"Intellectual Implications of Multi-Access Computer Networks" (5255,) Bib-6  N 
"Toward High-Performance Knowledge Workers" Bib-20  O 
"Collaboration Support Provisions in AUGMENT" (OAD,2221,) Bib-21  P 
"Authorship Provisions in AUGMENT" (OAD,2250,) Bib-22  Q 
"Working Together" Bib-24  R 
"Knowledge-Domain Interoperabiity and an Open Hyperdocument System" (132082,) Bib-26  S 
"Doug Engelbart's Design for Knowledge-Based Organizations - Part 1 & 2", Patricia Seybold, Paradigm Shift, February 12, 1992, Vol. 3  T 
"Toward High-Performance Organizations: A Strategic Role for Groupware" (132810,) Bib-28  U 

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