Volunteer 0

Being a volunteer can be a fun and rewarding way to participate. Volunteers are needed to work with our small core staff to fill a number of vital and exciting tasks or jobs. Volunteers report for duty and prioritize and complete tasks on a project basis per mutual agreement with designated supervisor. Here are some examples of tasks, you may think of others:

  • Video Indexers, Editors: indexing selected videos, noting times of context switches; video editing to modularize, consolidate, recombine, or streamline video material
  • Content Taggers: working out tagging schemes, tagging web content
  • Moderators: facilitating discussion forum, member blog posts, membership
  • Webmasters: updating and enhancing our website
  • Tool Integrators: integrating and troubleshooting apps and tools on website(s), blogs, forum, maillists

Interested? Send an email to: volunteering "at" dougengelbart.org listing your ideas for how you might help, along with your experience and expertise.