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Featuring Doug Engelbart 1

Articles 1a

Computer in 2000. Paul Saffo, The Computer, October 28, 1989. [Japanese]1a1

Forget Batman; let's talk Mighty Mouse!, Jim Warren, Microtimes, August 7, 1989.1a2

Doug Engelbart: Visionary becomes realist. Jim Warren, Microtimes, July 7, 1989.1a3

The X revolution. Daniel Lynch, LAN Technology (Outlook), May 1989.1a4

Pioneer to head new project at Stanford. SU Speaking Of Computers, April 3, 1989.1a5

Inventor of `mouse' receives support for Project Bootstrap. SU Campus Report, March 29, 1989.1a6

A chat with Douglas Engelbart. Wayne Jacques, The Boston Computer Society, Spring 1989. 1a7

The latest trend in how to use personal computers. Asahi, February 15, 1989, March 1, March 15, 1989. 1a8

Doug Engelbart: The vision continues. Howard Rheingold, Microtimes, January 23, 1989. 1a9

Pioneer to head new think tank. Emily Brower, MacWeek, September 27, 1988. 1a10

Where we are, where we aren't. N. Dean Meyer from N. Dean Meyer & Associates and Bill Machrone from PCMagazine, Teleforum, September 22, 1988. 1a11

Computer scientist forming a foundation. John Markoff, The New York Times, September 5, 1988. 1a12

The man who invented the mouse - and many other tools for thought. Barbara Anderson, McDonnell Douglas/Spirit, August 1988. 1a13

Douglas C. Engelbart - A conceptual framework for the augmentation of man's intellect. Edited and annotated by Howard Rheingold, Hyperage, May/June 1988. 1a14

The mouse that roared. McDonnell Douglas' BreakThrough Magazine, 1988.1a21

SRI firsts: The mouse and other innovations. Inside SRI, April 1987. 1a15

The HLAM/T factor: Ted Nelson interviews Doug Engelbart. Subroutines (David Bunnell's Newsletter from Inside the Personal Computer Industry), January 1987. 1a16

The mouse that roared. John Markoff, San Francisco Examiner, March 23, 1986. 1a17

Insight to Engelbart's intellect. Systems Catalyst, Institute of Systems Science, Singapore, June1985. 1a18

Providing a workshop for knowledge workers. Richard G. Canning, EDP Analyzer, August 1984. 1a19

Father of the mouse. John Unger Zussman, A+ Magazine, Vol. 2, July 1984. 1a20

Of mice and men - the mouse is but a small part of Doug Engelbart's larger quest. Steven Levy, Popular Computing, May 1984. 1a21

A mouse in the hand. Daniel Farber, MacWorld(premier issue), May 1984. 1a22

Doug Engelbart: inventor of the mouse. Marion Softky, The Country Almanac, February 15, 1984. 1a23

Super literacy - Network Systems, The CIA and the electronic grail: A writer's quest for perfectly flexible text. Clifford Barney, PC Magazine, February/March 1982. 1a24

Video/TV 1b


Featuring Doug with select others 2

Articles 2a

Of mice and menus: Designing the user-friendly interface. Tekla S. Perry and John Voelcker, IEEE Spectrum, September 1989.2a1

Hyper Cargo. Stuart Greene, Apple Viewpoints, January 30, 1989.2a2

Who's who in the South Bay - A Salute to the Movers & Shakers & Doers; Notable figures in our own backyard. Laura M. Lukas, The Insider, June 11, 1988.2a3

Lifetime Achievement Award: Awards for Technical Excellence, PC Magazine, January 12, 1988.2a4

Silicon Valley searches for its soul. Howard Rheingold, San Francisco Magazine, January/February 1988.2a5

??Hypertext'87 Trip Report. Jakob Nielsen, ACM SIGCHI Bulletin 19,, April 1988, pp. 27-35.2a6

What's all the talk about hypertext, anyway? Paul Karon, PC Week, October 6, 1987.2a6

The 100 most powerful people in Silicon Valley/The desk set and its power plays. Michael S. Malone, San Jose Mercury/News West Magazine, June 7, 1987.2a7

Adult pioneers are `Boomtown' focus. David Rosenthal, San Jose Mercury News, January 14, 1987.2a8

Unpopular science. Brenton R. Schlender, The Wall Street Journal, November 10, 1986.2a9

Highway of knowledge is old road. Robert M. Gordon, Los Angeles Times: (Letters), August 24, 1986.2a9

Hypermedia, Jeffrey S. Young, Macworld, March 1986.2a10

The Macintosh family tree. Ted Nace, Macworld, November 1984.2a11

A modern mouse story. Vanessa Schnatmeier, A+ Magazine, Vol. 2 (July 1984).2a12

It's the year of the mouse! Tom Foth, Softalk, April 1984.2a13

The tale of the mouse. Paul Somerson, PC Magazine, February 1983.2a14

Video/TV 2b

"Silicon Valley Boomtown." 60-min. VHS video cassette recording produced by KTEH Channel 54 of San Jose, CA in 1987. 2b1

Mentioning Doug

Articles 3a

Hypervisions. David Bunnell, Macworld, March 1987.3a1

Innovations of '87, Peter H. Lewis, PC Magazine, November 2, 1987.3a2

Apple might learn a thing or two from I.B.M. Erik Sandberg-Diment, The New York Times, March 19, 1985.3a2

Executive support: A delicate balance. Eileen Feretic and Tim Moran, Today's Office, June 1984.3a3

Augmenting Human Intellect, A Life-Long Crusade, [author unknown], It's About Tym, June 1984.3a4

The Year of the Mouse, Philip Faflick, Time Magazine, January 31, 1983.3a5

Say Hello to the First Personal Computer Mouse, Tony Long, WIRED, 27, 1981.3a6

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Articles 4a

Learning tomorrow's multimedia in education. Kristina Hooper and SueAnn Ambron, The Journal of the Apple Education Advisory Council, Spring 1987.4a1

Hvem skal bestc mme Du og jeg eller IBM og Rank Xerox? Lars Olsen, Danish Computerworld, October 1984.4a2

Radio/TV interviews 4b

"Silicon Valley Boomtown," PBS Special on History of Silicon Valley, KTEH, 1987.4b1