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[ba-ohs-talk] Eric Running for Office

Murray,    (01)

Fear not, Eric would be an enlightened candidate with correct views. 
The tunnel under the Channel has a rail, so by all means "Lets rail."     (02)

Rod    (03)

************    (04)

Murray Altheim wrote:
> Rod Welch wrote:
> [...]
> > How about a couple of tunnels between SF and the North Bay, and one to
> > the East Bay, like Bechtel constructed between France and England?
> This one has me angry. They've just started building the new Bay
> Bridge (between Oakland and San Francisco, for those not familiar
> with the area), and the planners voted down any proposal to add
> a center lane that would have been a train track. It seems absolute
> stupidity to build a *new* bridge and not have a track to enable
> mass transit. This isn't 1950. Whoever is responsible for this
> decision should be voted out of office and *then* put in a pillory.
> Stupidity should be painful (this was the bumper sticker on my car,
> before I sold it to move to the UK).
> Murray
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