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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Railing about transit

Malcolm Dean wrote:    (01)

> A new company here in Los Angeles has a mag-lev technology which uses
> natural magnets and does not require enormous electrical power. California's
> rail authority recently ruled that mag-lev will *not* be considered in its
> plans for the state.
> Follow the money...    (02)

Maybe. Or maybe not. This is a case where the ability to
"follow the decision-making tree" would be fantastic.    (03)

Suppose the IBIS-style discussion was a matter of public record?
Suppose the reasons for/against were elucidated.    (04)

We might find that the technology, although purported as ready by its
inventors, is missing some key ingredients (reliability, volume, or
pricing) when investigated by external sources.    (05)

Or we might find really weak arguments made by moneyed interests,
and be able to input counter-arguments into the decision-making
framework.    (06)

Sure would be interesting...    (07)