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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] The Worldwide Computer

At 2002-03-03 21:09 -0800, Jack Park wrote:
>I did this with my Wintel ME laptop for about 6 months, studying molecules 
>involved with Leukemia.  Had to quit because Windows ME is just not robust 
>enough to handle context switching and so forth on a regular basis.    (01)

A colleague of mine was fired by our contracting customer because he had 
joined in the calculation of pi with the machine being used at the customer 
site.  Not an authorized use of the customer's machine.    (02)

Certainly he was at fault, but the event came to mind when you talk of the 
"worldwide computer" in that what if my computer was _unwittingly_ part of 
such a beast?    (03)

................... Ken    (04)

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