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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] The Worldwide Computer

At 08:28 AM 3/4/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>At 2002-03-03 21:09 -0800, Jack Park wrote:
>>I did this with my Wintel ME laptop for about 6 months, studying 
>>molecules involved with Leukemia.  Had to quit because Windows ME is just 
>>not robust enough to handle context switching and so forth on a regular basis.
>A colleague of mine was fired by our contracting customer because he had 
>joined in the calculation of pi with the machine being used at the 
>customer site.  Not an authorized use of the customer's machine.
>Certainly he was at fault, but the event came to mind when you talk of the 
>"worldwide computer" in that what if my computer was _unwittingly_ part of 
>such a beast?
>................... Ken    (01)

It might already be used that way.  Senior moments prevent me from stating 
explicitly how that is so, but there is a trick that has to do with 
computation on http packets that allows someone to send you a bunch of 
packets and your computer will unwittingly perform computations on those 
packets and send them back.  Maybe someone has the reference to that trick.    (02)

Jack    (03)