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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Wiki experiences?

Hey All,    (01)

Well Eugene, I saw your note come in, in hit home, so you get a note from the
fog.    (02)

On our own OHS Wiki that you have (still?) running -    (03)

The idea is good but the interfaces are very prohibitive.  I have been on it
numerous times, and I sometimes am able to actually log in as myself,
sometimes not.  It's vastly better when it knows who you are, but that doesn't
always seem to occur, even when thinking you have logged in properly.    (04)

Then, the textual representaion is an interface nightmare.  It's too much
text, too much running together.  The type density is way too high for any
enhanced clarity.  It is very hard on the eyes.    (05)

I've only visited UseModwiki briefly, so these comments may or may not apply.    (06)

Anyway, your own comment sums up the experience very well:    (07)

"Way, way, way too complex.  Defeats the purpose of a Wiki in the first
  place, which is supposed to be simple."    (08)

---Sheldon    (09)

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:    (010)

> I know a bunch of people on this list have used and/or administered Wikis.
> What have your experiences (both pro and con) been with various Wikis?
> (I'll summarize responses in a dialog map.)
> I've used and administered TWiki (http://www.twiki.org/) and UseModWiki
> (http://www.usemod.com/cgi-bin/wiki.pl).
> Twiki pro:
> * Lots of features.  Version control, access control, e-mail notification,
>   Wiki partitioning, tables, plugins, etc.
> Twiki con:
> * Way, way, way too complex.  Defeats the purpose of a Wiki in the first
>   place, which is supposed to be simple.  Exacerbating this problem is
>   that the default templates are horrible.
> UseModeWiki was originally used by Wikipedia, and I believe they spun it
> off to support their own features.
> Pros:
> * Simple to configure and install.  Dropped it in my cgi-bin, edited a
>   config file, and was off-and-running.
> * Fairly featureful.  Version control.
> * Fairly configurable.
> No cons, although it would be nice to have access control.  Better yet, it
> would be nice to have hooks to link into a site's existing version
> control.  Probably easy enough to hack.
> I know Chris Dent is using MoinWiki, and John Sechrest has also used and
> administered Wikis.  What are your experiences?
> -Eugene
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