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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] New backlink metadata; mhpurple v0.2 released

Eugene > First, people who want to contribute to the OHS have 
> to understand what it is.  I'd be curious to hear what people 
> think about this.      (01)

I think we will start to see progress when we can start to 
process some of the information flowing thru the project. 
For example, the e-mail rules. When someone takes the 
time to organize the various rules we agree on for e-mails 
(60 char lines, sigs, etc.) and consolidates the rules under 
a specific  heading in the archives, that anyone can go to 
and read and understand the rules/recomendations, along 
with links to source material from which the list is derived, 
then we would have elevated that content from the multiple 
related messages of the open e-mail archives to an actual 
piece of information that can be used as reference and 
for further development.     (02)

This is how the DKR and OHS must work. The comments 
and ideas of the group on a certain topic are somehow 
organized and agreed upon then placed into a special 
category that actually reflects the concenus of the group. 
This will require that someone actually does some work 
to pick out the important related items and submit them 
to the group for approval. Comments are gathered and 
corrections are made in an ongoing process to keep the 
topic up to date.     (03)

For example, all messages currently in the repository must 
be scanned for messages indicating a preference on the 
form of e-mails. Then someone goes thru that pile and 
grabs the important sentences and puts them into a single 
message. Then we bang on that message until we get it 
to where we agree, then it becomes the standard reference 
for how to do e-mail. When a new contributor asks how 
to do it, we can refer to a specific item in the repository. 
The new person may want to check back thru the messages 
to trace how we came to each rule and it can be done 
using links to original messages or discussion of the point.     (04)

All this just means that somebody must do some work 
organizing and linking then submitting the result to the group. 
Best Regards, 
Joe    (05)