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[ba-ohs-talk] Email and shared space (was Wiki experiences?)

It seems we're all pointing the to the same thing: some kind of idealized
hybrid of email (because it is the collaborative killer app to date) and
shared space (like Groove, Notes, etc.).  We want the best features of
email, like push notification and personalization of our view of the
collective record, and shared space, like all the info stuff is coherently
organized in one space.    (01)

One intriguing step in the direction of this hybrid collaboration system is
Intraspect.  Check out the demo and the white paper at
http://www.intraspect.com/.  We used it as our shared space in a graduate
course I taught last semester on collaborative technology.  The beauty of
it is that it allows you the user to choose whether you track changes in
the shared space on the  web or by receiving them as emails.  Similarly,
every space has an email address (and a URL, of course), so any email that
your sending to someone can be CC'ed to the shared space where it gets
automatically threaded.  Messages and documents can be in multiple
containers (folders), and you can "ask" any object what containers it is in
... a very powerful kind of  transclusion.    (02)

It might be possible for me to arrange for a "Bootstrap space" in
Intraspect, if some of us wanted to experiment with it a bit.    (03)

Jeff    (04)

At 03:58 PM 3/5/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>While email is ubiquitous, it is unfit for collaborative work.
>The scarcest resource available is -attention-. Email and browsers sap
>Groove.net, for example, provides for P-2-P Shared Spaces that harbor and
>focus context and attention.
>Eroom.com offers client/server type work environments for fast-cycle
>There are others, including the grand-daddy, with 80M seats, Lotus Notes, to
>wit, "...a special system to work on it without distractions and capable of
>being configured for standardized forms we want to use."
>Software that harbors and maximizes cognition and effort is growing fast,
>and needs serious consideration.
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>Eric > If I had an special email program that was only good for ba- mailing
>> lists (for now), I wouldn't mind keeping that up as a process on my
>> system, and checking it for email now and then.
>this sounds like a giant step, but actually it may be the most logical.
>If the objective is to work on a 'single' problem, or set or strongly
>related problems, then it makes sense to have a special system
>to work on it without distractions and capable of being configured for
>standardized forms we want to use.
>Best Regards,
--     (05)

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