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[ba-ohs-talk] Re: Intraspect

Jeff Conklin wrote:    (01)

> It seems we're all pointing the to the same thing: some kind of idealized
> hybrid of email (because it is the collaborative killer app to date) and
> shared space (like Groove, Notes, etc.).  We want the best features of
> email, like push notification and personalization of our view of the
> collective record, and shared space, like all the info stuff is coherently
> organized in one space.
> One intriguing step in the direction of this hybrid collaboration system is
> Intraspect.  Check out the demo and the white paper at
> http://www.intraspect.com/.  We used it as our shared space in a graduate
> course I taught last semester on collaborative technology.  The beauty of
> it is that it allows you the user to choose whether you track changes in
> the shared space on the  web or by receiving them as emails.  Similarly,
> every space has an email address (and a URL, of course), so any email that
> your sending to someone can be CC'ed to the shared space where it gets
> automatically threaded.  Messages and documents can be in multiple
> containers (folders), and you can "ask" any object what containers it is in
> ... a very powerful kind of  transclusion.    (02)

Hmm. I need to register to get the whitepaper. This one looks
   Enterprise Collaboration Management with Intraspect -
   A technical analysis on the requirements and infrastructure
   needed for enterprise collaboration management.    (03)

That page a links to a nice resource, if the link worked:
http://www.informationweek.com/story/IWK20011207S0016    (04)

It's for an article entitled "25 Innovators in Collaboration".
Sure would be nice if the link worked...    (05)