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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Email and shared space (was Wiki experiences?)

Eric > I see a document sitting in the repository, and people "responding" to
> parts of it, where the responses are tagged with an attribute that labels
> them as "annotation", if they are not direct revisions to the document.
> [Implied requirements:
>    --an author list for the document
>    --any responser not on the list automatically generates an annotation
>    --a response to an annotation is automatically an annotation
>    --an author has to choose whether an added note is a document
>      modification or an annotation (or perhaps have different authoring
>      modes -- multiple interface options here)
> I see a "document repository" that is, in essence, a separate folder,
> which allows conclusions reached in the message folders to be
> "hoisted" to a position of prominence. Back links from the hoisted
> versions (copies? references?) then allow recovery of the entire
> discussion that led to the conclusions.    (01)

Nice work, Eric
I can see an example of this. Rules for e-mail!:)
Suppose we had a recommedation covering 'standardized' 
e-mail for this project. This would in effect be a document 
that is 'hoisted' to be a target for comments. The author(s)  
would be responsible for defending/amending the content.     (02)

Best Regards, 
Joe    (03)