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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Wiki experiences?

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From: Joe D Williams    (01)

Eric > If I had an special email program that was only good for ba- mailing
> lists (for now), I wouldn't mind keeping that up as a process on my
> system, and checking it for email now and then.    (02)

this sounds like a giant step, but actually it may be the most logical.
If the objective is to work on a 'single' problem, or set or strongly
related problems, then it makes sense to have a special system
to work on it without distractions and capable of being configured for
standardized forms we want to use.
Best Regards,
Google is my friend:
This is long, but the point is that there are several open source email
clients, some written in Java, that could serve as the base for an email
client tailored for OHS collaboration. There are Java editors in abundance.
The integration efforts could be substantial, but there are certainly a lot
of pieces around to try to put together.    (03)

These 2 came from http://www.javacommerce.com/Downloads.htm which has other
open source Java stuff that may be of interest.
ICEMail is an email client written in Java and based on the new Java Mail
API. The source is GPL-ed, and included with the package
The current release is 2.8.2, which was released on Wednesday, October 27,
1999. This is the recommended release.
I am waiting for Java 2 to become more stable before releasing 3.0, which
will be a full Java 2 port. This should happen in the next couple
months, now that Java 2 is better.    (04)

The Java Apache Mail Enterprise Server (a.k.a. Apache James) is a 100% pure
Java server, designed to be a complete and portable enterprise mail engine
solution based on currently available open protocols (SMTP, POP3, NTTP).
James is also a mail application platform.
The James project hosts the Apache Mailet API, and James provides and
implementation of this mail application platform API.
James is based upon the Apache Avalon application framework. (For more
information about Avalon, please go to http:// jakarta.apache.org/avalon)
James requires Java 2 (specific requirement is the JRE 1.3, JRE 1.4 is not
yet fully supported).    (05)

Gmail (http:// gmail.linuxpower.org/), the brainchild of Wayne Schuller, a
young Australian programmer, uses the MySQL database server, and retrieves,
sorts and displays messages via SQL    (06)

Curl http://www.curl.com/html/ is an interesting (proprietary, commercial)
language that is starting to get a bit of press. I didn't care for it when I
first saw it and it is still not pretty but they have some good ideas and
are progressing. They have ideas similar to Rebol and Frontier which involve
ways of passing compact trusted code for applications.
The Curl(tm) content language combines layout, scripting and programming
capabilities in one integrated environment. By pairing this fully featured
language with client side execution, Curl technology delivers fast,
efficient, highly functional applications over the Web, and enables
interactive Web services capabilities in which the client and server
interoperate via SOAP.
curlMail - (The  curlMail project)
This project will produce an email client that can be used wherever you are
in the world. You just download a piece of the Curl content language as you
have done before with any other web page and you are ready to send & receive
email. It is not a web based client. On the contrary, it is a locally based
client that can be used at anywhere in the world, on any platform supported
by the Curl language.
Now is your chance to help create that email client with all the features
you've always wanted!
curlMail currently includes IMAP, Base64 encoding, and SMPT support.    (07)

See several projects at
Apparently just starting.
The JMessenger project centers around the development of a Java-based email
user agent. This application uses Sun Microsystem's Java technology and the
JavaMail and Activation libraries.    (08)

Mahogany is an Open Source cross-platform mail and news client. It is
available for X11/Unix and MS Win32 platforms, supporting a wide range of
protocols and standards, including SMTP, POP3, IMAP, NNTP (including SSL
support for all of them) and full MIME support.
Mahogany is being developed by a team of volunteers (and we are always
looking for more help from the community) and we are naturally using the
free libraries and tools: we use the free cross-platform wxWindows C++
application framework for the GUI part (its wxGTK port uses yet another free
library GTK+) and the free c-client library developed at the University of
Washington for mail folder access. Finally, SSL support is implemented using
OpenSSL.    (09)

Thanks,    (010)

Garold (Gary) L. Johnson    (011)