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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Sparrow Email and shared space (was Wiki experiences?

Rod,    (01)

Thanks for your post.    (02)

I have only use the demo of Sparrow Web. It is encouraging. The progenitors
of Sparrow Web will join the KM Cluster on March 28th to discuss their
research and application. See the announcement below.    (03)

Also, I am grateful for your remarks/reference on creating a knowledge
cultural.    (04)

It would be great to see more interest in organizational foundations used to
advance Doug's vision on ba-ohs-talk. for example, teams versus communities,
structure versus unstructured info, reuse v. innovation, direct v. indirect
goods, etc., all have a dramatic effect on the impact of OHS-type
technologies and take-up.    (05)

BTW, we'll be looking at organization on the 28th too...    (06)

KM Cluster Bulletin
*******************    (07)

This bulletin is an update on the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley
Knowledge Management (KM) Cluster Spring 2002 Event on Thursday, March 28,
2002 in downtown San Francisco. http://kmcluster.com    (08)

The KM Cluster Spring 2002 Theme is "Collaborative Knowledge Networks."    (09)

Pre-registration is required. Secure, on-line eRegistration is open:
https://www.kmcluster.com/secureorderform.htm    (010)

KM Cluster Agenda Update
************************    (011)

The KM Cluster is pleased to announce researchers from the legendary Palo
Alto Research Center, Inc. (formerly Xerox PARC), will join the Spring 2002
KM Cluster.    (012)

Eric Bier, principal scientist and Ken Pier, principal engineer, both from
PARC's Information Sciences and Technologies Laboratory - Human-Document
Interaction Area, will join the KM Cluster March 28, 2002, in San Francisco.    (013)

Eric and Ken will discuss, "Sparrow Web: Group-Writable Community Web
Pages." For more information on Sparrow Web and the Spring 2002 KM Cluster
agenda, please visit: http://www.kmcluster.com/Spring_2002_Agenda.htm    (014)

KM Cluster On-line Community Collaboration
******************************************    (015)

Response to the Spring 2002 KM Cluster on-line community collaboration and
event augmentation has been very good. The current shared space contains
excellent content on collaborative knowledge networks.    (016)

To join the KM Cluster and/or our on-line community, please visit
http://www.kmcluster.com/register.htm and follow the instructions.    (017)

Systems Thinking Workshop
*************************    (018)

75% of performance improvements efforts fail to deliver as promised. Faulty
mental models cause this painful reality. The KM Cluster enthusiastically
supports the following workshop to improve your ability to successfully lead
dramatic business improvement initiatives. "Improving Business Performance -
A Systems Thinking Approach" March 18, 19, 20, 2002, UC Berkeley, Berkeley,
California. http://www.hps-inc.com/Business/ImpBusPerformance.htm    (019)

Spring 2002 Logistics and Venue
*******************************    (020)

The Spring 2002 KM Cluster gathering will be held Thursday, March 28, 2002.    (021)

The location is the San Francisco State University Downtown Campus
Conference Center, Room 304, 3rd Floor, 425 Market Street @ Fremont Street,
San Francisco, CA. http://www.sfaug.org/meetings/SFSUdirections.html    (022)

The event will be held from 8:30am-5:00pm.
http://www.kmcluster.com/Spring_2002_Agenda.htm    (023)

Please forward this invitation to colleagues concerned with knowledge
management, transorganizational collaboration, business communities and
business performance improvement.    (024)

The Spring 2002 KM Cluster has an outstanding line-up. The event will reach
capacity quickly. To guarantee your participation, please visit the
eRegistration page: https://www.kmcluster.com/secureorderform.htm. There is
a small registration fee to cover logistical costs, rental, equipment,
luncheon and refreshments.    (025)

See you March 28th!    (026)

Most sincerely,    (027)

John    (028)

John Maloney
IM: jheuristic    (029)

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Subject: [ba-ohs-talk] Sparrow Email and shared space (was Wiki
experiences?    (030)

John,    (031)

I looked at what Sparrow is doing and was impressed to find an attempt
to integrate a range of management tasks, in addition to letting folks
edit a common file.    (032)

Integration can be helpful.  Have you been using Sparrow, or do you
know anyone who has, and with what results?    (033)

Rod    (034)

***************    (035)

John Maloney wrote:
> Has anyone positioned or evaluated Sparrow Web?
> http://www.parc.xerox.com/istl/projects/sparrow/
> John Maloney
> www.kmcluster.com
> IM:jheuristic    (036)