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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] LiveDTD

The quote was from the web page.  It does not necessarily reflect my views, 
and I don't think you got any license to make such an inference from my post.    (01)

 From my perspective, I found the page while researching DocBook and there 
is an example of the DocBook DTD at the site.  I thought that particularly 
useful, especially given that the DocBook DTD is rather hairy and hard to 
navigate. Any tool that can map hairy DTDs to readable html frames that 
work as well as JavaDoc is, imho, a GoodThing(tm).    (02)

Free is nice too!
And, while on the subject of value of my time integrating and maintaining a 
code base, I finally got smart.  I have half a dozen rather important (to 
me) projects going, and they share code, so, I finally put them all into 
one classpath.  Life is good!    (03)

Jack    (04)

At 09:12 AM 3/20/2002 -0800, you wrote:
>It appears that you think that only 'free' software is any good. This is
>probably true if you place zero value on your time to integrate and maintain
>a code base.
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> > Date: Wed, 20 Mar 2002 08:58:20 -0800
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> > Subject: [ba-ohs-talk] LiveDTD
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> >
> > http://www.sagehill.net/livedtd/
> >
> > "A LiveDTD is a Document Type Definition converted into a hypertext
> > document. It is also a perl program (livedtd.pl) that performs that
> > conversion. It parses the DTD files and generates a copy with HTML markup
> > inserted. The result is the exact same text of the original DTD, but with
> > live links that let you navigate through the DTD. Click on a name, and you
> > are transported to where that name is declared in the DTD. Both elements
> > and parameter entities are hot linked.
> > For a simple DTD, this may not be very useful. But for complex DTDs like
> > DocBook and TEI that use hundreds of elements and parameter entities, it's
> > a great help. If you have to maintain a customization layer for such a DTD,
> > it is priceless (good thing it's free). "
> >
> >    (05)