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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] LiveDTD

I didn't need to play with it.  The results I wanted were already on the 
web site.  However, DocBook just got updated, so I'll probably run it on 
the latest DTD soon.  Comparison to perlSGML?  None.    (01)

Jack    (02)

At 05:18 PM 3/20/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Jack Park wrote:
>>"A LiveDTD is a Document Type Definition converted into a hypertext 
>>document. It is also a perl program (livedtd.pl) that performs that 
>>conversion. It parses the DTD files and generates a copy with HTML markup 
>>inserted. The result is the exact same text of the original DTD, but with 
>>live links that let you navigate through the DTD. Click on a name, and 
>>you are transported to where that name is declared in the DTD. Both 
>>elements and parameter entities are hot linked.
>>For a simple DTD, this may not be very useful. But for complex DTDs like 
>>DocBook and TEI that use hundreds of elements and parameter entities, 
>>it's a great help. If you have to maintain a customization layer for such 
>>a DTD, it is priceless (good thing it's free). "
>Have you played with this at all? Is it an improvement over Earl
>Hood's perlSGML toolkit?
>I actually wrote a complete (and fairly complex) application that
>did DTD analysis (including list of PEs, unused entities, DTD diffs,
>etc.) but it was while I was at Sun, and it was extremely unlikely
>that I'd be able to release a binary or code in any way. *sigh*
>(well, now at least I'm an "independent")
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