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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] rough draft of graph model paper

Eugene Eric Kim wrote:    (01)

> The draft is at:
>   http://www.eekim.com/ohs/papers/graphmodel/    (02)

Hey, Eugene. Good paper.    (03)

Some feedback:
1   The intro section is maybe more of a background or
     statement of the problem section?
      I found I needed an overview/summary to orient me as
         to the purpose and goals of the paper.    (04)

1A This para assumes familiarity with Doug's work and the OHS
      concept. Hopefully the paper will be read by a wide audience,
      so giving a sentence or two of background would probably
      help. (And personally, I'd love to see "OHS" described in a
      sentence, or even a paragraph.)    (05)

3C  I wasn't totally clear whether a graph-based data modeling
       language was another approach of the 3B variety, or
       something different.    (06)

3C  I need some background on the concept of a "graph-based"
       data modeling language. What makes it different from
       other kinds of data modeling languages? What general
       advantages recommend that approach?    (07)

I am totally sold on having purple numbers to carry on
conversations like this!!!    (08)

3D8 Hmm. We're talking about knowledge containers here, but
        they appear to contain everything that is in Figure 1.
        It must be a way of slicing things up, but how?
        Figure 2 goes on to give a concrete example, but still
        doesn't tell me about knowledge containers. Maybe it
        is too early to introduce this concept?    (09)

3D22 & 3D24
        These look like specific versions of the benefits (for
        a forum) which, when generalized, would provide
        the motivation for using this approach needed in 3C.    (010)

3E1 Looking forward to this being fleshed out.    (011)

        It looks like the overview would be something like
        "show the benefits of using graph-based data models
         using a threaded forum as an example".    (012)

         (If so, the focus would be on showing how the OHS
         requirements listed in 2 are met by using 3. Yes? I see
         a reference to Back-Links in 3D20. I'm scanning for
         other references as I go forward.)    (013)

I started to parse 3D20 as 3-D-2-O. But that's obviously
not right. Depending on font, maybe L, I, and O need to
be avoided in the numbering system????    (014)

3F4 "Software systems" or "Software that supports"    (015)

Man, these examples and diagrams are great.    (016)

3F7  Figure 6 gives a great intro to OHS! (See comment
        on 1A)    (017)

4B  Hmm. I really got lost, it seems. This says  RDF could
      be used to model knowledge containers, as described
      above. I felt edified by what I saw above, but somehow
      I never knew when we were talking about "knowledge
      containers."    (018)

4B  Also: A brief intro to the RDF "triples" concept would
      be useful. (Note or sidebar?) Hopefully, it would only
      be a one liner.    (019)

I never did see a specific reference to these OHS requirements
in the document:
  * High-Resolution Addressability.
  * View Specifications.
  * Typed Links.    (020)

I think they're implicit in much of the discussion, but it would
be helpful to draw the connections explicitly.    (021)

Overall, this is a great read. I'm looking forward to the next
draft.    (022)