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[ba-ohs-talk] GroveMinder

http://www.tecno.com/gminder/tech/index.htm    (01)

Believe it or not, the web site is either back up or my browser finally! 
opened it.
This is a great site with lots of information on GroveMinder (which 
nolonger exists -- the product is coming out under a different name).    (02)

GroveMinder was the product of Steve Newcomb and his colleagues.    (03)

Here's some of the non-technical description:
"The GroveMinder system helps organizations make full use of their 
The GroveMinder system enables a comprehensive information framework that 
encompasses the entire organization. The framework allows information to 
flow seamlessly not only within a department, but throughout an 
organization, even among diverse databases and computer systems.    (04)

GroveMinder is a document management system.
It manages relationships between information objects (any piece of data or 
meta-data: documents, document components, databases, records, images, 
sensor output, etc.) With the GroveMinder system, all information objects, 
data and metadata alike, are equally easy to access.    (05)

An organization's information is put to many uses.
Activities such as financial analysis, online transaction processing 
(OLTP), CD-ROM, IETM and traditional publishing are performed daily by 
management, accounting, publishing, customer service, marketing and other 
departments.    (06)

The GroveMinder system can understand information in different notations 
and database schemas,
and it can find information in file systems, at URL addresses, and at any 
other kind of storage location. Relationships between pieces of information 
(e.g., an association between a product's description and its market 
performance) are managed by GroveMinder and stored in object or 
object-relational ("post-relational") databases. The relationships are 
stored using the SGML family of standards: DSSSL (ISO/IEC 10179) and HyTime 
(ISO/IEC 10744 2nd. Ed.)    (07)

GroveMinder's flexible architecture lets it be ported to any platform and 
database management system (DBMS) combination.
The system scales extremely well: it can be lightweight for small 
applications or robust and powerful enough for the most demanding 
application's needs.
"    (08)