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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: Re: [PORT-L] Digital Imagination

Jack Park wrote:    (01)

> Context for forwarding this long post:
> I believe the following discussion relates closely to the evolving 
> discussion on graph structures.  Jon Awbrey, in his usual, extremely 
> articulate way, seems (to me) to be saying that ontologies, in an of 
> themselves, are problematic.  But, we are still forced with the issue of 
> archiving (representing) the universe for purposes of research, 
> inference, and so forth.
> An approach to representation being taken by the KnownSpace project 
> (http://knownspace.sourceforge.net) is one that appears to be agnostic: 
> simple entities, their names, values, and attributes.  Perhaps the graph 
> structures we create should remain agnostic as well, and leave the 
> 'interpretation' to the agents that use those structures.  I still have 
> problems with that idea, and I am presently probing the limits of the 
> simple entity-attribute scheme with the KnownSpace group at this time; 
> possibly, my problems stem from growing up a consummate reductionist.
> Jack    (02)

I checked out the KnownSpace web pages and couldn't find any
evidence that there's been any activity (the "Latest Updates")
since 1999. They've also not released any files on SourceForge,
so it seems the project is dead. Looks interesting though, and
very similar to some degree with my work.    (03)

Kinda eerie, as the name of their interface is "Cerulean", whereas
my project name is "Ceryle" (named after the Belted Kingfisher's
latin name, ceryle alcyon, a small bird that dives deep.).    (04)

Murray    (05)

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