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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Fwd: Re: [PORT-L] Digital Imagination

KnownSpace is anything but dead.  It's very much alive, though you are 
forced to use CVS for the time being.  That CVS has a branch that includes 
my code, in which I rewrote the program to use MySQL.  My current version 
of it also uses jxtaSpaces, a Linda-like open source version of JavaSpaces. 
That version isn't running yet.    (01)

You can join the knownspace forum at e-groups (you must join in order to 
view the archives).    (02)

Visit Gregory Rawlins' home page http://www.cs.indiana.edu/~rawlins/ for 
more, and a link to KnownSpace Symphony -- the latest rendition of KnownSpace.    (03)

Jack    (04)

At 05:13 PM 3/21/2002 +0000, you wrote:
>Jack Park wrote:
>>Context for forwarding this long post:
>>I believe the following discussion relates closely to the evolving 
>>discussion on graph structures.  Jon Awbrey, in his usual, extremely 
>>articulate way, seems (to me) to be saying that ontologies, in an of 
>>themselves, are problematic.  But, we are still forced with the issue of 
>>archiving (representing) the universe for purposes of research, 
>>inference, and so forth.
>>An approach to representation being taken by the KnownSpace project 
>>(http://knownspace.sourceforge.net) is one that appears to be agnostic: 
>>simple entities, their names, values, and attributes.  Perhaps the graph 
>>structures we create should remain agnostic as well, and leave the 
>>'interpretation' to the agents that use those structures.  I still have 
>>problems with that idea, and I am presently probing the limits of the 
>>simple entity-attribute scheme with the KnownSpace group at this time; 
>>possibly, my problems stem from growing up a consummate reductionist.
>I checked out the KnownSpace web pages and couldn't find any
>evidence that there's been any activity (the "Latest Updates")
>since 1999. They've also not released any files on SourceForge,
>so it seems the project is dead. Looks interesting though, and
>very similar to some degree with my work.
>Kinda eerie, as the name of their interface is "Cerulean", whereas
>my project name is "Ceryle" (named after the Belted Kingfisher's
>latin name, ceryle alcyon, a small bird that dives deep.).
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