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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Concept: Typed Versioning

Lee > It's still an open question as to what a "link type" really is.  If we
> stick to the data-knowledge-context modularization that I've argued for,
> then "semantic" links could be held in the "data" system, but would need
> some sort of external maintenance.    (01)

The external maintenance is what actually makes a creative 
collaborative effort to answer a question or achieve a goal 
get to a success. Given the best tools to manipulate the 
live, shared, interactive repository, then the human intelligence 
adds the ability to establish these semantic links between nodes 
in (for example) experience, learning, and knowledge categories 
to  summarize and synthesize. Given a graphical data structure 
(nD+1D of course), then one external maintenance operation 
is just manipulating the structure to get my own personal view. 
Just rearranging the visualization from the data link representation, 
which is the simple part, to the version that happens when I apply 
mine and others semantic links to the nodes. Then maybe another 
collaborator, or even a programmable tool of the repository, gives 
another hint in how to interact with this representation of the problem 
or solution. 
In all this, finally it will be the 'ease' of this external maintenance that 
elevates a simple data/information repository to status of a usable 
repository that actually does some work to solve a problem or achieve 
some goal. 
So an example is that I am looking at a visualization of a repository using 
some graph of nodes. The initial state might show the data link 
representations of node hierarchies for topics. That is, each node is 
represented by its basic properties defined for this repository. 
So now I navigate the node map making changes in the connections 
to produce my semantic view of the structure and thus add 
information to the repository.     (02)

Thank You and Best Regards, 
Joe       (03)