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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Scopeware - Sound Off!

I've been following scopeware for a long time now. >From back when it was called lifestreams.

I like the chronological interface, ( http://www.scopeware.com/images/products/ocr.jpg )  but would miss the ability to build typed relationships between documents.
And of course, I've been avoiding proprietary organizers since I stopped using The Brain in 2000.
Here's some historical info from: http://www.memes.net/index.php3?request=displaypage&NodeID=59

 "It looks like LifeStreams is now called ScopeWare , and they've retooled to hit the enterprise rather than the individual. ScopeWare offers the same sort of chronological and index-retrieval that LifeStreams did. I couldn't find a way to do "clustering" or to build relationships between documents. I do agree that the "folder" for filing documents on computers is an artifact which needs to die. ( 06:31 Apr 03, 2001 )"

More historical info: http://www.memes.net/index.php3?request=displaypage&NodeID=66

 "There's a fairly weak article on the next-gen computer interface here:
Unfortunately, they're not really looking far enough out. They're talking about replacing the desktop metaphor with pseudo-desktop metaphors. Microsoft has a "3d" task gallery, which is really just 4 desktop metaphors on one screen. Scopeware has their time-indexed lifestreams which is just a desktop piled with a stack of papers chronologically. InXight has their startree hyperbolic tree visualization tool which is a strictly hierarchical interface. No multiparenting allowed. I'm surprised there was no mention of graphs at all, not to mention a real 3d interface a'la Snowcrash. ( 09:47 Nov 20, 2001 )"

Enterprises in the wake of Enron are now asking: How do we make information go away legitimately, and on schedule? This is an aspect of Records Management. Can you set retention policies within Scopeware?
See www.arma.org for more information regarding records management.
I also believe that once people start using blogging tools in the enterprise, than the need for traditional knowledge management software is reduced. I'm not aware of any truly succesful knowledge management deployments. Of course, k-logs have that same records retention problem, how do you make the info go away on shedule?
Another snip from: http://www.memes.net/index.php3?request=displaypage&NodeID=342

 k-logs: replace expensive enterprise knowledge management projects with inexpensive, widely used weblog utilities.


Spotted by Alex Shapiro of TouchGraph fame on http://www.iaslash.org/ia/ ( 07:22 Mar 07, 2002 )


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> Dear ba-ohs,
> Please have a look at Scopeware and let us (ba-ohs) know your opinions.
> Its progenitors have a lot of credibility.
> Scopeware - The Simple, Elegant Knowledge Management Solution
> http://www.scopeware.com/
> Today's complex enterprise environments struggle with many challenges. One
> of the most difficult issues can be defined as the artificial barriers
> that are imposed by people, taxonomies, access devices, applications, and
> file folders making corporate information difficult to access and
> leverage.
> Scopeware is an affordable, rapidly deployable knowledge management
> solution that addresses these issues by leveraging existing IT investments
> to automatically capture, manage, and safeguard information collected from
> disparate sources for greater insight into the enterprise.
> Scopeware's simple, intuitive Web-based interface locates and presents
> information gathered from various parts of an enterprise, updated in
> real-time, to the knowledge worker in an easy to interpret, accessible way.
> Typical document management solutions and search engines require the
> knowledge worker to sort through collections of information with little aid
> or assistance from the software. Scopeware's Narrative Information
> Interface automatically sorts and contextualizes heterogeneous information
> obtained from different sources and displays it in a workable, easy to
> read format. By presenting information in perspective as a coherent story,
> time to insight is markedly accelerated.
> A Scopeware knowledge management implementation results in enterprise
> information that is truly virtual and ubiquitous, empowering today's leading
> corporations to leverage their intelligence for competitive advantage.
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> John
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