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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Scopeware - Sound Off!

Hi John,    (01)

Here's my two cents.  I think the Scopeware site would benefit greatly from
showing what Scopeware actually looks like instead of burying the reader with
words.  I surfed through this site for over 20 minutes and found exactly one
screen shot.  Maybe there are more, but they certainly aren't readily
apparent.  I even went through the presentation and only found a duplicate of
the other screen.  I am not counting the screen shots you have of the PDAs, as
they are so tiny as to have no detail.    (02)

Sorry, but like Jack, I don't mean to be hostile.  I just find it a bit odd to
be touting the software so heavily without showing what it looks like.  And so
many words without pictures make me wonder about the product before even seeing
it.    (03)

This is doubly important to me as I am an interface designer.  I don't care
what your feature set is if the interface is totally obscure to the user.  Less
features with more utility wins over more features with a too complex interface
any day.    (04)

End of Rant.    (05)

John Maloney wrote:    (06)

> Dear ba-ohs,
> Please have a look at Scopeware and let us (ba-ohs) know your opinions.
> Its progenitors have a lot of credibility.
> Scopeware - The Simple, Elegant Knowledge Management Solution
> http://www.scopeware.com/
> Today's complex enterprise environments struggle with many challenges. One
> of the most difficult issues can be defined as the artificial barriers
> that are imposed by people, taxonomies, access devices, applications, and
> file folders making corporate information difficult to access and
> leverage.
> Scopeware is an affordable, rapidly deployable knowledge management
> solution that addresses these issues by leveraging existing IT investments
> to automatically capture, manage, and safeguard information collected from
> disparate sources for greater insight into the enterprise.
> Scopeware's simple, intuitive Web-based interface locates and presents
> information gathered from various parts of an enterprise, updated in
> real-time, to the knowledge worker in an easy to interpret, accessible way.
> Typical document management solutions and search engines require the
> knowledge worker to sort through collections of information with little aid
> or assistance from the software. Scopeware's Narrative Information
> Interface automatically sorts and contextualizes heterogeneous information
> obtained from different sources and displays it in a workable, easy to
> read format. By presenting information in perspective as a coherent story,
> time to insight is markedly accelerated.
> A Scopeware knowledge management implementation results in enterprise
> information that is truly virtual and ubiquitous, empowering today's leading
> corporations to leverage their intelligence for competitive advantage.
> Cheers,
> John
> John Maloney
> www.kmcluster.com
> 1329 Taylor Street, Ste. 12
> San Francisco, CA 94108 USA    (07)