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[ba-ohs-talk] Re: What is a repository?

http://www.w3.org/2001/10/23-DOMOpenList    (01)

"1.4 Repository interface
There is a significant amount of interest in providing tools to manage a group
of documents within a repository. There is not yet a clear consensus on what a
repository is or whether the DOM is the right place to define an API for
accessing it. Jeroen van Rotterdam has proposed the following characteristics;
they are included here for discussion, but the DOM WG has neither endorsed or
rejected them. For example, one of the open questions in defining a repository
is whether it contains "DOM Documents", XML documents, or simply documents which
may be XML-based.    (02)

1. A Repository should be able to contain several DOM Documents.
2. A Repository should be able to contain a collection of Repositories which is
a recursive structure much like directories in an operating system.
3. A repository should be able to retrieve, add, delete or update DOM Documents
4. A repository should be able to retrieve, add. delete or update its child
5. A repository should be able to handle checking out and checking in of DOM
6. A repository should be able to hold a collection of DTD interfaces
7. Every Document which is valid according to a DTD should be able to access its
DTD from the collection of DTD interfaces of its corresponding Repository or any
ancestor Repository.
8. Repositories should be part of the DOM tree structure.
9. Query languages should be able to execute their queries relative to a
Repository node. "    (03)