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[ba-ohs-talk] Simple Hierarchical Multi-Perspective viewer

http://www.csr.uvic.ca/shrimpviews/introduction.htm    (01)

"While SHriMP (Simple Hierarchical Multi-Perspective) was originally 
designed for visualizing and exploring software architecture, it is 
language independent and can be used for browsing any information space. In 
this manual we first demonstrate how SHriMP can be used to visualize and 
explore Java programs and a knowledge base.We then later discuss how SHriMP 
can be used for browsing a knowledge base in the Protégé knowledge 
management tool."    (02)

...    (03)

"As mentioned above, SHriMP can also be used for viewing knowledge bases. 
The knowledge base example provided in SHriMP was produced using Protégé. 
Protégé, created at Stanford University, is a tool for the creation, 
editing, and querying of frame-based ontologies. This example shows how 
Shrimp can plug into Protégé and read data from it. In this case, Shrimp 
visualizes the hierarchy based on the slot chosen by the user. To 
illustrate the flexibility of Shrimp, this demo will show how the structure 
of the hierarchy can be changed dynamically."    (04)

"Jambalaya is the keyword we use to describe a project to integrate SHriMP 
with the Protege tool. "    (05)

It's free for academic use.  I do not know if source code is included.    (06)