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[ba-ohs-talk] Security-enhanced Linux

http://www.govtech.net/news/news.phtml?docid=2001.12.03-3030000000003951    (01)

"Microsoft Web server software powers about 30 percent of the world's Web 
sites -- and 62 percent of the sites that have been hacked, according to 
data collected by two Internet sites, Netcraft's Web Server Survey and the 
Alldas Defacement Archive.    (02)

Microsoft is also the prime target of virus writers. But that fact owes 
more to Microsoft's dominance in PC software than any particular 
vulnerabilities, said security consultant Chris Wysopal of (at)stake Inc.    (03)

Microsoft's Lipner said the company is now releasing "lockdown" tools to 
deal with the problem and is also no longer leaving "entry port" settings 
open by default on server software.    (04)

Even in the United States, where Microsoft dominates government computers, 
agencies such as the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency 
are experimenting with Linux.    (05)

IBM Corp. reports increasing sales of Linux systems to the federal 
government, along with a recent sale to the Chinese postal service.    (06)

The NSA, the intelligence agency charged with eavesdropping and code 
breaking, has even developed its own version, called Security-Enhanced 
Linux, available for free on its Web site. "    (07)