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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] TouchGraph used on Langreiter.com

At 12:36 AM 12/11/01 -0800, Jack Park wrote:
To see what the slashdot folks thought about an interview regarding Rebol, 
look at:
>That's a rather long address. Make sure you get it all.    (01)

Have you heard of makeashorterlink.com?  The above link maps to 
http://makeashorterlink.com/?L1E62283    (02)

>My thoughts: a quick surf on Rebol was fun.  It's easy to like a tiny 
>language engine that's ported to practically every platform in use (can't 
>say that for Java, etc).  It's somewhat easy to like a language engine 
>that wants to take on the Goliaths (I tend to root for underdogs).  It's 
>not too easy to get excited about a language engine that's not in some way 
>open source (there is reportedly Oscar and Primo as open source variants 
>of Rebol, but nothing is actually available).
>Enough surfing for me.
>Jack    (03)

Thanks for the links, Jack.  The comment about associative arrays not 
scaling well is especially interesting.    (04)

Take care,
--Alex    (05)