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[ba-ohs-talk] A constructivist learning environment

http://carbon.cudenver.edu/~mryder/aect_95.html    (01)

"This series of slides offers a representation of the Pask model, known as 
conversation theory. It begins with an explanation of my own symbol system 
which I use in lieu of Pasks own unique (and oblique) symbol system. 
Through conversation we construct knowledge, filter it, discover our 
differences and strive toward mutual understanding. Mutually agreed-upon 
concepts become community assets. "    (02)

This site uses diagrams composed of what electronic engineers call "op 
amps" -- operational amplifiers.  An op amp has two inputs and one 
output.  One input tends to drive the output (amplified) and the other 
input tends to inhibit the output.  A lot of "neural net" learning devices 
have been modeled with op amps.  Think of the feedback between your mouth 
and your ear.  Your brain serves as both a source to drive your vocal 
chords to emit sound through your mouth, and as an op amp to note feedback 
by way of your ear to control the level of sound emitted.  At this web 
site, that notion has been used to describe all sorts of conversations.    (03)

Jack    (04)