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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] FAQ Organizer

Jack Park wrote:    (01)

> http://www.unidata.ucar.edu/staff/caron/faqo/
> Java, with single value decomposition (supports latent semantic analysis)
> in C) GPL.  There is a Java linpack that might replace the C version.
> "The Frequently Asked Questions Organizer is a tool for collaborative
> technical support. Typically there is a mail list, newsgroup or other
> online group where participants can ask and answer questions. FAQO is
> designed to make efficient use of participants time in searching for
> previously asked questions and answers in the message archives of these
> groups. Some users may be given the rights to modify or organize the
> archives to improve searching and intelligibility.
> FAQO is an open source project released under the GPL license. It is under
> active development and I expect that soon it will be robust enough for wide
> deployment and collaborative development. "    (02)

A friend wrote:
I tried it out. It's based on the Inktomi search engine, which is
not particularly good.  It doesn't feel any better than other sites I've
seen.  I cannot seem to get a list of all subject lines for a single thread,
for instance.    (03)

Also, I wouldn't call it FAQ organizer, as it's not in the form
of Question & Answer.    (04)