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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] Keyword Indexing to Improve Email and IT

Rod,    (01)

Thanks for your thoughtful reply.    (02)

Anyway, you asked --    (03)

"Why not do the same for knowledge?"    (04)

That can be a dangerous and provocative question which may lead to
counterproductive philosophical debate, as we all know and have painfully
experienced.    (05)

Allow me to make some remarks re. Tacit Knowledge Systems, since my
experience with the firm, technology, products and management spans a number
of years.    (06)

First, as was indicated in my message, Tacit's stock-in-trade is expertise
profiling. That's a given and obvious. However, it is their robust automated
taxonomical creation of expertise and common language, that is germane to
this particular THREAD, namely, "Keyword Indexing to Improve Email and IT."    (07)

Specifically, "Tacit has mastered the automation of intelligently analyzing
unstructured content such as e-mail, reports, presentations, discussion
threads, or user data to extract key "terms" that represent the meaning of
the underlying information." This is not hype, but production enterprise
functionality.    (08)

Look, email originates from someone (mostly) to someone, few or many. Thus,
to "Improve Email" (thread title) is essential to involve the people/experts
in the equation, including all the thorny issues that entails (privacy,
proximity, socialization, experience, culture, politics, et cetera, et
cetera.)    (09)

Anything less is simple and routine data codification. While important, it
has little to do with knowledge, yet seems to be a detrimental preoccupation
of too many people claiming to be concerned with knowledge management or
OHS, for that matter.    (010)

Second, you wrote:    (011)

"...adding intelligence to information for creating useful knowledge..." (?)    (012)

Q: How can information have intelligence? Remember, information is just data
"in formation."    (013)

Q: How do data in formation have knowledge? Knowledge is the simple state of
knowing. Data know nothing!    (014)

Again, this thread proposed manual "Keyword Indexing to Improve Email and
IT," for this listserv presumably. ('Not sure what the "IT" part is all
about.) This is the specific opportunity that Tacit Knowledge Systems has
mastered, patented and automated. It is not any more complicated.    (015)

Regarding knowledge economics, The Spring 2002 KM Cluster highlighted Mark
Clare's efforts in this specific area and his recent book which is strongly
recommended.    (016)

Knowledge Assets -- Professional's Guide to Valuation and Financial
Management by Mark K. Clare, Arthur W. Detore List Price: $119.00    (017)

http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0156070006/theclientserverc    (018)

Mark's concern is not so much profit or the much maligned ROI, but much more
regarding discounted cash flows and value based management.    (019)

Also introduced at the KM Cluster March 28th, was a sophisticated iThink
model and simulation [www.hps-inc.com] to estimate and forecast the
deployment of these collaborative knowledge networks and their economic
impact.    (020)

Finally, you asked, "Are there additional resources showing how Tacit
tackles this issue for improving email and IT?" If you still have questions,
you may wish to contact Tacit Sales.
http://www.tacit.com/contact/contact_sales.cfm.    (021)

Cheers,    (022)

John    (023)

John Maloney
Email: jtmalone@pacbell.net    (024)

IM:jheuristic    (025)

Create the Future! Join the KM Cluster --
http://www.kmcluster.com/register.htm    (026)

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John,    (028)

Thanks for the reference to Tacit and for sharing reaction to their
presentation at a professional event.  The demonstration of Tacit at
the Internet address you submitted did not demonstrate improvement to
email and IT nor show how keyword indexing can be improved to enable
KM.    (029)