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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] What are we trying to accomplish?

>I think you're right to start out by interviewing Doug.
>Once you get the "big picture" clear, you can contact the rest
>of us to fill in the details.    (01)

Absolutely. I'll be updating http://www.cynapse.org as I get structured
information out of Doug.    (02)

I will also be scouring the archives for previously written info about
OHS from Doug and all of your guys.    (03)

If there are any preferences as to how this should be done, please speak
up. I will be trying to do this in a fairly traditional way, but the
meaning of tradition varies just a bit with requirements capture.    (04)

First issue is concentrating on the problem.     (05)

What are we trying fo fix here?    (06)

What kinds of things do we need to be able to do?    (07)

What should we augment?    (08)

What will have to be completely newly developed?    (09)

What are the philosophical and political frameworks and views we should
be focused by?    (010)

And so on...     (011)

Any comments parallel to Doug?    (012)

>I look forward to seeing that "big picture". (It may be trickier
>to outline than you think.)    (013)

Don't I know it...   :-)    (014)

Frode Hegland    (015)

Liquid Information    (016)

http://www.Cynapse.org    (017)

UK: (44) 777 953 3856
US: (1) 877 239 1010    (018)