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[ba-ohs-talk] Questions on Religion, Science and Management

Malcolm,    (01)

Thanks for willingness to engage the prospect that an original idea
can be applied profitably to new conditions, implied by the question
in your letter yesterday, shown below, that says in part....    (02)

"What distinguishes your practice from the scriptural literalist
nonsense put
out by fundamentalists of all stripes? Why should you not be dismissed
as a
crackpot?"    (03)

"Crackpot" typically connotes deceit, e.g., the Pied Piper says to
follow me and I will lead you to the promise land, but instead
everyone drowns in a sea of false promises, as developed in reviewing
Steven Covey's book on 921205...    (04)

http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/92/12/05/000758.HTM#5940    (05)

Note line 222341 in the record on 921205 explains that selecting the
"right" path from among incessant promises of charlatans and
"crackpots" requires analysis, questions, an examination of the record
and review of costs and benefits. People can look through the SDS
record and get a sense about how the method of Com Metrics compares
with current practice, and then make an independent judgment about
whether to try the path using SDS or continue their present course.    (06)

If you navigated through any of the references in the letter
responding to John Maloney's notice on the Manhattan Project to
Establish Knowledge Sciences, then you will have encountered other SDS
records.  These records demonstrate a new way of working to
consistently create a connected web of chronology that imparts cause
and effect based on context, to solve daily problems using the eight
(8) steps shown in the record on 001219....    (07)

http://www.welchco.com/sd/08/00101/02/00/12/19/071408.HTM#4W4L    (08)

Religion is a powerful force that gives people faith essential for
trying a new way of working.  Without faith, nobody will ever try
anything new, because until people try, they have no experience that
says it will work.  With this short introduction, I refer you to the
explanation in NWO that expands the idea of religion as the "science
of life"...    (09)

http://www.welchco.com/03/00050/01/09/03/02/03/0309.HTM#4723    (010)

...and I invite others who have interacted with SDS records over many
years to comment on whether this method has been a false promise, or
has consistently yielded work product that can fairly be described as
augmenting intelligence, noted by the US Army Corps of Engineers in
its report on 970328...    (011)

http://www.welchco.com/04/00065/60/97/03/2801.HTM#6172    (012)

Thanks for an interesting question.    (013)

Rod    (014)

***************    (015)

Malcolm Dean wrote:
> I received your post to bahs-os-talk on the Manhattan Project to establish
> the Knowledge Sciences.
> It sounded quite interesting and valuable, up to a specific point, at which
> I decided to simply put the matter directly to you and see how you respond.
> After navigating through pages of provocative comments, I arrived at a
> section on religion in which you propose the Bible as the solution to
> management problems.
> What distinguishes your practice from the scriptural literalist nonsense put
> out by fundamentalists of all stripes? Why should you not be dismissed as a
> crackpot?
> Malcolm Dean
> Los Angeles    (016)