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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Organic Growth of Knowledge

Malcolm Dean wrote:    (01)

> InfoSelect is marketed as a super-PIM, but its search ability and limited
> multi-user feature make it very useful for capturing knowledge and
> retrieving it without categorization. You can use the outline, the calendar,
> the hyperlinks, the cross-tabs, but you don't have to. I've stuffed all
> kinds of addresses, URLs, project notes, etc., into my InfoSelect for years.
> It's scaled for knowledge bases about 10MB or less. I'm hoping against hope
> it will run under WINE, because I'm finally getting around to dumping
> Windows forever. Warning: this program is addictive! (www.miclog.com)    (02)

Heh. I find it curious you said you didn't see my project as having
any great use, yet you acknowledge what seems like extensive use of
a PIM that likely does much the same thing as my application.    (03)

> My other tool, for longer texts, Web pages, items not needing sub-second
> retrieval, is askSAM (http://www.asksam.com/brochure.asp), which gained its
> fame in the Watergate hearings. askSAM is used by newspapers, in CRM, and by
> client wanting to manage huge wads of text such as e-mail archives. A Linux
> version is possible in 2003. Same comments as above apply, but its interface
> is more like a database than an information tool. For example, to find you
> in InfoSelect, I would simply hit F5 and type your name. All the notes
> containing fuzzy hits would be selected in an outline panel, and I could
> then select the most appropriate note. askSAM is not so instantaneous, but
> it handles terabyte files and is available in a network version.
> (I just found what sounds like a super-askSAM, Texpress,
> http://www.kesoftware.com, but I don't know much about it.)
> Ideally, I'd like to see InfoSelect as the front end to an askSAM database,
> and the ability to come to InfoSelect from OpenOffice or a DTP application.
> That would be a writer's dream!
> I hope I've answered your question...    (04)

I haven't looked at this stuff yet, thanks for the refs!    (05)

Having long ago dumped Windows for linux (and having access to OS X),
I hope one of these becomes available for linux too.    (06)

Murray    (07)

Murray Altheim                  <http://kmi.open.ac.uk/people/murray/>
Knowledge Media Institute
The Open University, Milton Keynes, Bucks, MK7 6AA, UK    (08)

      If it wants to be a global power and a player in the
      Atlantic alliance, Europe has to get back into the
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