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RE: Another such tool: Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Mind mapping tool

>Actually the RDF component as it currently stands is the work of Simon
>Buckingham Shum's group at the Knowledge Media Institute at the OU/UK, part
>of the CoAKTinG project (http://www.aktors.org/coakting), as is the Jabber
>integration. They would be better to describe where that's going (I know
>that part of it is integration with tools like ScholOnto). Currently,
>Compendium (formerly called Mifflin) imports and exports XML, including the
>ability to represent nodes linked to other nodes in multiple views, and it
>exports a particular RDF format. It also exports an outline-format HTML and
>a more graphical VML. The database schema and DTD are public and open.    (01)

Thanks Al, this is really helpful.
Heh - I thought the kMI reference was familiar, I've just noticed a follow
up mail from Murray...    (02)

>I'd be interested in learning more about how other tools represent nodes in
>multiple views, and how they leverage that. A quick view of what Compendium
>allows with this: if a node is in more than one view, a visual indication
>of that appears on each view that it's in. You can also click on the node
>and find out what other views it's in, as well as what other nodes it's
>linked to in each of those views. In past projects we have used that
>property to express and query a lot of 'deep' relationships, such as the
>interractions of systems, tasks, people, and other resources in complex
>business processes (for an example, see
>http://kmi.open.ac.uk/kmi-abstracts/kmi-tr-92-abstract.html).    (03)

I'm not entirely sure what you mean by a view in this context, I'll have a
read of the paper.    (04)

>The Compendium Institute web site clearly needs a lot of updating, sorry to
>all if it isn't helpful at present. It's been more of a research/community
>site than a product site, since Compendium is not a product per se. We'll
>find time to do that soon, I hope.    (05)

Thanks for the info, it's very much appreciated.    (06)

Danny.    (07)