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RE: Another such tool: Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Mind mapping tool

Danny,    (01)

Actually the RDF component as it currently stands is the work of Simon
Buckingham Shum's group at the Knowledge Media Institute at the OU/UK, part
of the CoAKTinG project (http://www.aktors.org/coakting), as is the Jabber
integration. They would be better to describe where that's going (I know
that part of it is integration with tools like ScholOnto). Currently,
Compendium (formerly called Mifflin) imports and exports XML, including the
ability to represent nodes linked to other nodes in multiple views, and it
exports a particular RDF format. It also exports an outline-format HTML and
a more graphical VML. The database schema and DTD are public and open.    (02)

I'd be interested in learning more about how other tools represent nodes in
multiple views, and how they leverage that. A quick view of what Compendium
allows with this: if a node is in more than one view, a visual indication
of that appears on each view that it's in. You can also click on the node
and find out what other views it's in, as well as what other nodes it's
linked to in each of those views. In past projects we have used that
property to express and query a lot of 'deep' relationships, such as the
interractions of systems, tasks, people, and other resources in complex
business processes (for an example, see
http://kmi.open.ac.uk/kmi-abstracts/kmi-tr-92-abstract.html).    (03)

The Compendium Institute web site clearly needs a lot of updating, sorry to
all if it isn't helpful at present. It's been more of a research/community
site than a product site, since Compendium is not a product per se. We'll
find time to do that soon, I hope.    (04)

Best,    (05)

Al    (06)

"Danny Ayers" <danny666@virgilio.it>@bootstrap.org on 10/29/2002 07:44:31
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>The web site tells you everything except how much it costs and how to get
>it. Any time I see this sort of thing, I assume that it is going to cost a
>*lot* more than I am willing to pay. Plus, it annoys me not to be able to
>get some idea of price.    (012)

Heh - yes, it is frustrating. I must confess to the same sin, in that I've
got a lot of product description on the web, yet the product itself is as
yet vapourware - my own excuses are that I wanted to get some feedback
regarding what the users want, and that development time is exceeding
expectations (not uncommon!).    (013)

Incidentally, <market research hat on> what would you consider a reasonable
price for such a tool? and what features would you consider essential?    (014)

<salesman hat on> I can however assure you that my own product will be
priced such that it will be within most individual budgets (one of my
guiding principles is that I would buy it - and I've spent less than $200
total on software in the last year).    (015)

Al - you mention that Compendium has the RDF characteristic, do you have
more details?    (016)

Danny.    (017)

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