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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] WebQuestMapper, QuestMap in applet form

Very nice!    (01)

>I constructed an applet using code from a topic map project I built
>earlier.  The applet is a kind of reconstruction of QuestMap, called
>WebQuestMapper Lite (Lite because it is built with Java's AWT rather than
>Swing so that it can run under old browsers).    (02)

Hmm - I thought awt stuff was normally considered heavyweight compared to
swing, but whatever, it doesn't take long to load on through my slow
connection, and it ran a treat in IE6. There does seem to be a minor refresh
bug somewhere, but clicking on the window got it to repaint ok. (this was
both in the browser & standalone, JDK 1.4 on Win2k).    (03)

 There's still lots to do to
>finish it, including adding a Jabber chat client    (04)

For chatting or exchanging data (or both)?    (05)

 and a few other things
>(like scroll/pan, delete, etc), but it's running and, based on the open
>source mantra, publish early, publish often, it's up and available.    (06)

Hey, it looks pretty fine already!    (07)

I've not had chance to look at any version of QuestMap before, and its
particularly interesting to me as I've spent the past few months working on
something rather similar ;-) The pop-up node editors are the same in
principle as the ones I've got in Ideagraph, so hopefully we've converged on
a good solution!    (08)

It's also a nice prompt for me to get the IBIS RDF vocabulary
(http://purl.org/ibis) sorted out. I'd be very interested to hear your
suggestions on what's needed. I think I've got one good task now - making
sure the maps made with WebQuestMapper can be expressed in RDF (it should be
possible to work out XSLT stylesheets to transform RDF <-> WQMXML).    (09)

Anyhow, it's really nice to see, & keep up the good work!    (010)

Danny.    (011)