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RE: [ba-ohs-talk] FW: IBIS vocabulary (RDF, PSIs)

>The generalized Argument is a node which is capable of satisfying two
>different arcs. One argument can be, at once, pro to one idea and con to
>another.    (01)

Thanks Jack, I was hoping I'd understood that. I'm still having a little
trouble representing some maps, but I think this will only call for a bit of
tweaking, I reckon the basic model's about right.    (02)

>A Map node is one in which you take off in a linked, but perhaps
>direction.  Using the Map node, it becomes possible to build maps of maps,
>maps of many discussions.    (03)

This becomes very interesting through RDF glasses (or opens a can of worms,
depending on how you look at it ;-) There's been quite a lot of discussion
on the difference between documents and graphs, for example what should be
at the end of an rdf:seeAlso arc. Specifying this as a map (of some sort)
offers a lot of potential for progress in practice, but there are still
questions like 'should the items (statements) within Map B be considered a
logical part of map A?' to be dealt with.    (04)

Danny.    (05)