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[ba-ohs-talk] Collaboration

Interesting article in Open Magazine at
http://www.open-mag.com/2042683279.htm    (01)

Enter Michael Schrage, a co-director of the MIT Media Lab, who focuses on
shared workspaces as absolute precursors for innovation. If you truly want
to collaborate, you need shared space. The shared space, he adds, becomes
the medium through which people work and the fundamental source of good
ideas.    (02)

Schrage often references his Napkin Example. Two people are at a lunch
counter. One writes something on a napkin to explain his idea. The other
alters the sketch on the napkin to relay that second personís idea. If a
waiter were to come and remove the paper, the conversation would go away.    (03)

Schrage argues that you are no longer talking to that other person: You are
talking with the other person through a reference point. This reference
point becomes the dynamic.    (04)

Thanks,    (05)

Garold (Gary) L. Johnson    (06)