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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] Collaboration

"Garold (Gary) L. Johnson" wrote:    (01)

> Interesting article in Open Magazine at
> http://www.open-mag.com/2042683279.htm
> Enter Michael Schrage, a co-director of the MIT Media Lab, who focuses on
> shared workspaces as absolute precursors for innovation. If you truly want
> to collaborate, you need shared space.    (02)

Yes, yes, yes, and yes.    (03)

Which brings me back to T-Spaces, and the need for categories and ratings.    (04)

T-Spaces is likely to be a solid foundation for such things. It came to the
unrev archives by way of Jack Park, if I'm not mistaken (apologies if I have
misattributed the person who brought it to our attention once again!)    (05)

The thing is, I know there are probably 5 or 6 other candidates in that
archive that match this category.    (06)

Going back to Doug's vision of a "lens" through which we view the web,
wouldn't it be great if:
   a) When that reference came up, we were able to attach a category
        label to it, that would be visible whenever looking at the web through
        that lens.    (07)

   b) We could get the ratings of folks who have used/reviewed the
        technology.    (08)

Earlier, we carried on discussions about ways to "add ratings" to the web.
The same mechanisms we discussed then (that I do not now recall), could
be used to add categories -- i.e. to "semanticize the web".    (09)

Then I could query:
  * What things are like T-Spaces, and how well do they rate, and
     what do I use to code them with, anyway?    (010)

With those questions answered, I'd be ready to choose a platform to build
a colloboration tool with.    (011)