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Re: [ba-ohs-talk] :xu: Serious deep addressing (was Re: ![Gzz] Re:[ba-unrev-talk] Starting Point for Collab Tool

Hi Ted--    (01)

Theodor Nelson wrote:
> I would recommend another look at the tumbler mathematics by
>  Roger Gregory and Mark Miller, described in *Literary Machines*
>  (you can find an illegal copy on the Web someplace, scanned as
>  muiltipage fax=TIF=jfax).    (02)

I've downloaded a set of jfax files linked from your web page ages ago, 
including the INFUT book and the first few chapters of Literary 
Machines. The tumbler arithmetic comes in the later chapters which 
weren't online (where you linked to) at the time.    (03)

We will be repackaging our own implementation of Xanalogical storage as 
an own project and download (language: Java) soon, by the way. 
(Currently works & has been used for 1 1/2 years on a single computer; 
P2P lookup coming, as always, Real Soon Now ;-) )    (04)

- Benja    (05)