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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] Links on the practice and theory of collective intelligence

Parker Rossman just made update comments on that page, as follows:    (01)

From: "Parker Rossman" <parker.rossman@verizon.net>    (02)

Thanks to Pierre Levy for that monumental list of collective intelligence
web pages...
However, my web page address should be corrected to;
http://ecolecon.missouri.edu/crisisresearch. I am writing there on the
future of higher education, research on research and how to provide adequate
education to everyone on earth. Five more chapters will be added in a week
or so, and this online book --free to anyone in the world -- is to be
regularly updated. We especially want to add web pages..so thank you,
Pierre, thank you, thank you.    (03)

At 06:28 AM 1/16/2002 -0500, you wrote:
>Wow. Impressive and obviously most useful. This is the kind of thing we
>need to get digested.  How shall we do that? How, next, shall we make
>good use of it for the solving of world problems?
>I guess my questions bear kinship to Rod Welch's advocacy of turning
>info into knowledge.
>A point raised by Thomas Homer-Dixon in his "The Ingenuity Gap," the
>increasing time and effort we need put in organizing info robs us from
>time to think creatively toward solving problems. Expect an
>Engelbart-oriented review of the book soon in Fleabyte.
>Jack Park wrote:
> > http://www.mikro.org/Events/OS/wos2/Levy-pp/liensIC.html
> >
> > This link was posted by Pierre LÚvy to the global brain list.
> >
> > This is a huge list of links of all sorts, covering great thinkers,
> > community design, collective intelligence, and so on.
> >
> > Enjoy
> > Jack    (04)