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Re: [ba-unrev-talk] AmTech?

There is not much more I can say about Amtech-USA other than what is on
their website, http://www.amtech-usa.org/index2.html . Ms Karen Robbins,
president of the organization, is a member of the Bootstrap Institute's
Core Planning Committee that took on the task of revitalizing the
Bootstrap Alliance.    (01)

You may find out more about the Alliance from Bootstrap web pages
archived by the Wayback Machine,
You might go to the February 1999 scan.    (02)

Members of the CPC are or were. besides Doug, Bootstrap volunteers Mai
Lin Fung, Eugene Kim and Jack Park. Eugene Kim has been working hard
with Amtech-USA staff and other volunteers to develop a new face for the
Bootstrap website which thereby will take on the name Bootstrap
Alliance.    (03)

Eugene, right now, is super-busy, but I hope that once the new face is
officially up we shall be able to tell a bit more about those who have
been involved in the effort.
The redesign is taking place in conjunction with Doug's visit to
Singapore - about which more in the right sidebar of the current issue
of Fleabyte.    (04)

We do look forward to Fleabyte also profiting from the team's work by
putting it on a foundation of up-to-scratch website technology, and
doing so without much of a face change. For one thing, it is hoped that
doing so will make this operation more efficient by removing the need
for entering articles three times: twice in the archive (i.e. with and
without margins) and onnthe front page. After that we hope to follow
through with improving the access to the material in the archives. And
so it goes, bit by bit.    (05)

Henry    (06)

Michael Crusoe wrote:    (07)

> This snippet has graced the top off bootstrap.org for the last couple
> of days.
> "April 19, 2002
> This site will become that of the Bootstrap Alliance
> During the past ten months, the Bootstrap Institute has been working
> with Amtech-USA toward revitalizing the Bootstrap Alliance, an
> organization of stakeholders in propagating the vision of the
> Institute's principal, Dr. Douglas Engelbart, which is to learn how to
> dramatically boost the performance of organizations, teams, and
> individuals. Critical here is the further development of an open
> hyperdocument system (OHS) for optimizing online collaboration within
> and among commercial and non-profit organizations.
> As part of the effort the Bootstrap website has been redesigned to
> better suit the functioning of the Alliance. Within the next few days
> www.bootstrap.org will no longer find a site named Bootstrap
> Institute; instead it will find the Bootstrap Alliance."
> I googled for AmTech (both site:bootstrap.org and -site:bootstrap.org)
> and didn't come up with much information except that "AmTech is a
> non-profit whose business is to facilitate the formation and ongoing
> business operations of formal collaborative alliances, largely for
> NASA." http://www.bootstrap.org/ba-org.htm#2A
> Just wondering if I missed something important, or if anybody knows
> anything else about this.
> --
> Michael Crusoe
> Student at large    (08)