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[ba-unrev-talk] AmTech?

Title: AmTech?

This snippet has graced the top off bootstrap.org for the last couple of days.

"April 19, 2002
This site will become that of the Bootstrap Alliance

During the past ten months, the Bootstrap Institute has been working with Amtech-USA toward revitalizing the Bootstrap Alliance, an organization of stakeholders in propagating the vision of the Institute's principal, Dr. Douglas Engelbart, which is to learn how to dramatically boost the performance of organizations, teams, and individuals. Critical here is the further development of an open hyperdocument system (OHS) for optimizing online collaboration within and among commercial and non-profit organizations.

As part of the effort the Bootstrap website has been redesigned to better suit the functioning of the Alliance. Within the next few days www.bootstrap.org will no longer find a site named Bootstrap Institute; instead it will find the Bootstrap Alliance."

I googled for AmTech (both site:bootstrap.org and -site:bootstrap.org) and didn't come up with much information except that "AmTech is a non-profit whose business is to facilitate the formation and ongoing business operations of formal collaborative alliances, largely for NASA." http://www.bootstrap.org/ba-org.htm#2A

Just wondering if I missed something important, or if anybody knows anything else about this.

Michael Crusoe
Student at large