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RE: [ba-unrev-talk] Technical Ontologies Considered Harmful

Indeed, my very concern is that there is a supposition that this will
provide "accurate" description of individuals.    (01)

I believe that is something that is taken for granted and does need to be
addressed, because these descriptions / categories will be taken as
authoritative in some sense.  I don't have a proposed ontology.  I do want
people who do care and have some mastery of the subject to take notice.    (02)

Where do you see someone proposing ontological homogeneity?    (03)

-- Dennis    (04)

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Personally, I don't think there is an issue here. The ability
to accurately describe an individual has important uses,
in addition to possible misuses. But enforcing ontological
homogeneity by censure or fiat would not only prevent
useful results from being achieved, it would in effect be an
attempt to mandate "permissible truth".    (06)

However, I doubt that I need to have said anything at all,
since I doubt that such protests will carry much weight.
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